Is the general public allowed to address the governing body at a Council meeting?

Yes, there is a “Citizens’ Input” session posted on each agenda for the City Council. This session allows individuals to approach and address the Council concerning topics that may or may not be on said agenda however; citizens must understand that the Council is prohibited from addressing any comments made by citizens during the session. The Texas Open Meetings Act requires that any and all topics to be discussed by a member or members of the Council must be posted on the official agenda at least seventy-two hours prior to the start of the meeting. The Mayor or Council may allow for input from citizens on issues and topics posted on the agenda prior to a vote on said issue or topic however; audience participation in the discussion of agenda topics outside the Citizens’ Input session is not mandated by state or local law. The Council also requires those individuals desiring to approach the Council during the Citizens’ Input session to signup prior to the start of the meeting with the meeting’s registrar.