Parking/Storage of RVs, Trailers, Commercial Vehicles & Equipment

Recreational vehicles (RV’s) may not be parked on a public street or on a residential property in Iowa Park for more than forty-eight hours during a ninety day period, unless it is parked behind the front and/or side yard building limit line. Recreational vehicles (RV’s) may not be occupied while parked or stored in Iowa Park, except in an authorized mobile home or RV park or otherwise allowed by the Zoning  Ordinance

Commercial vehicles, trailers, and roll-off-containers or equipment may not be parked or stored on any residential street in Iowa Park, on any lot occupied by a dwelling or on any lot in any residential district except in accordance with the Iowa Park Zoning Ordinances (Sec. 405). Owners of commercial vehicles and trailers are encouraged to secure legal space to park or store their property when not in use.