Snakes at Gordon Lake

Abundant rains, warmer temperatures and increased Spring recreational activities have increased sightings of snakes around Lake Gordon, including in the trees. This is the regular season for snakes to leave their dens. The majority of the snakes that call Gordon Lake home are Diamond Back Water Snakes which are harmless and prefer not to have contact with humans. They prefer to “socially distance” themselves from us just like we are advised to “socially distance” ourselves from them. Please avoid all snakes and wild animals. There are also a few “not-so-friendly” snakes, including rattlesnakes which are most active at dawn and at dusk. Like other snakes, rattlesnakes prefer to avoid contact with humans and will only strike if and when provoked. If we practice “social distancing” around all wild animals, especially reptiles, we will certainly avoid rattlesnakes. Please teach your children to respect wildlife in its natural habitat while remaining cognizant of its presence as your family enjoys Oscar Park and the walking track around the lake. For more information on identifying snakes check out this article from wildlife removal.