Street Work to Begin July 14th, Doors Will Be Tagged the Day Before

The City of Iowa Park plans to begin our Street project slurry work on Tuesday July 14Th. 2020.

We will door tag the proposed works sites on the day before the work will be done.

When the work is planned for your street, we ask all residents to please find an alternate place to park, or have any vehicles moved out of the work area by 7 A.M.  This is to ensure that no vehicle traffic is on the street once the slurry is put down. Please remove all vehicles from the curbside.

This slurry is a mixture of oil, cement, and fine chat (small gravel). It is intended to preserve the street until it can be rebuilt and have asphalt installed on it. This slurry must be placed down early in the morning, to allow drying to occur during the day.

We hope to have above 90-degree temperatures so this will dry and be ready to open by the end of the day. When it appears ready, we will spread a layer of thin chat on top of the mixture, and then pack it in with a steel drum roller. The street will be opened for public use when the cones and barricades are removed from the ends of the work site.

The street may appear a little rough when first finished, but with traffic and heat it will smooth out more. It is not intended to take the place of asphalt, but only to help seal the road to moisture that will get in the cracks and cause damage (potholes).

If you have any special needs, such as special transportation or medical, or questions please call

David Sherrill Public Works Director at City Hall, (940)592-2131