Vegetation Maintenance

Thanks to all property owners and residents who have had their lawns mowed this week!  The sunshine and rain in recent weeks have been greatly appreciated but the vegetation is growing vigorously as a result.  Don’t forget to have your portion of any alleys, drainage ditches, or other public rights-of-way maintained.  If your lawn, or an adjacent right-of-way, has not been mowed in the past week or so, it probably deserves some attention.

Iowa Park Code of Ordinances.  City of Iowa Park, TX Table of Contents (

  • Sec. 6.01.002(a).  It shall be unlawful for both the owner and the tenant of any property in the city abutting upon a street, alley or other public way to permit any weeds, grasses, or other vegetation whatsoever to grow anywhere therein to the centerline to a height of greater than five (5) inches.
  • Sec. 6.03.004.  It shall be unlawful for any person who shall own or occupy any lot in the city to allow weeds, rubbish, brush, tires or any other unsightly, objectionable or insanitary matter to accumulate or grow on said lot.