How to Contact the City of Iowa Park

There are many ways to contact or communicate with the City of Iowa Park:


  • Online at
  • Telephone at (940) 592-2131, M-F 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.
  • Facsimile @ (940) 592-4793.
  • Mail at City of Iowa Park, PO Box 190, Iowa Park, TX 76367.
  • In person at Iowa Park City Hall, 103 N Wall, Iowa Park, TX 76367, M-F 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

For police, fire or emergency medical services, call 911.  Or for other after-hour emergencies call Dispatch at (940) 592-2181.


Many citizens believe they will receive a faster or more favorable response if they contact a particular City official directly.  Sometimes this is effective, but often this is not the case as such requests can be misplaced, misdirected or otherwise “fall through the cracks.”  Using one of the alternatives listed above will often yield a more timely and accurate response.


Other citizens feel that if they complain loudly enough in a local business or establishment that their request will somehow reach the responsible City official and be addressed.  This often does not happen unless someone uses one of the alternatives listed above to contact City Hall.


Still other citizens think if they post a request or a complaint on a social media site that someone in some official capacity will respond.  While certain City officials may or may not review certain social media sites, this is not a certain way to reach the City of Iowa Park.


One of the best ways to assist a citizen with request or complaint is to refer to them to one or more of the alternatives listed above.  If they refuse, you can utilize one of these alternatives to promptly forward their request or complaint to City Hall.


Speaking in earshot of an off-duty City official, their friend or family member, does not constitute contacting the City.  Posting a complaint on a social media site utilized by one or more City official(s) does not constitute contacting the City.  Visiting a City Official at their home residence, calling, texting or emailing their personal devices do not constitute contacting the City.  The five alternatives listed in the opening statement, on the other hand, certainly constitute contacting the City.


Sometimes it may be appropriate to contact a specific City official or department to address specific needs.  In this case, there are official City telephones, facsimiles, computers, radios, email addresses and such specifically for this purpose.  However, when in doubt, contact City Hall using one of the official alternatives.


The City of Iowa Park utilizes a website ( and certain social media platforms to disseminate public information.  Off-duty City officials sometimes express their personal views and opinions on various social media sites.  While the U.S. Constitution protects free speech, individuals who happen to be employed by the City of Iowa Park are not necessarily representing the City of Iowa Park while off-duty.

While all citizens are share-holders of the City, we collectively elect representatives to establish the official policies of the Cities.   Even though we pay taxes, not all of the services we personally desire are actually provided by the City.  Nevertheless, all reasonable questions, comments or concerns deserve a reasonable response.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please refer to the opening statement.