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Citizen’s Input

Citizens are welcome to address the City Council at regular meetings.  Citizens’ input is included on the agendas of most public meetings.  To participate, individuals must sign up with the City’s meeting registrar prior to the start of the meeting, and discussion time is generally limited to five (5) minutes per individual registered.  Topics which are discussed by individuals of the audience will not be addressed or discussed by the City Council and/or its staff members as the Texas Open Meetings Act prohibits discussion by the Council on any topic not listed on the official posted agenda. If action by the City Council is in order, an item can be placed on an agenda by contacting the City Secretary, City Manager or Mayor, prior to the preparation of the agenda (usually about a week before the meeting).  Requests can be submitted by mail, email, telephone, text, fax, or in person.  City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and staff will address any questions, comments, or concerns from the public.

Municipal Elections

A regular general election of the City Council of the City of Iowa Park is held annually on the first Saturday in May, in accordance with the Texas Election Code.  A notice of General Election as prescribed by the Texas Secretary of State is posted on the door to City Council Chambers (103 E Cash St), on the bulletin board inside City Hall (103 N Wall), and on the City’s website (  Notice of Election was published in the Electra Star News, the official newspaper of the City and on various social media sites used by the City.  The Secretary of State is the chief election officer for the State of Texas. The Secretary of State’s Elections Division provides assistance and advice to election officials on the proper conduct of elections and assistance to the general public on voter registration and other election issues.  This information is available toll-free at 1-800-252-VOTE (8683), and online (

City of Iowa Park Employment Application

City of Iowa Park Employment Application

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Board of Adjustment Members

City of Iowa Park Board of Adjustment
Officer Office Term
Mike Price Chairperson 5/16/2016
Max Henderson Vice-Chair 5/16/2016
Carmen Lozipone Member 5/16/2016
Cindy Tracey Member 5/16/2016
Gary Bradford Member 5/16/2016
Kelly Riggs Member 5/16/2016
Sherry Little Member 5/16/2016
David Padget Member 5/16/2016
*David Sherrill Secretary N/A

*denotes non-voting member

Planning & Zoning Commission Members

City of Iowa Park Planning & Zoning Commission
Officer Office Term  
David Padget Chairperson 5/16/2016  
Jonathan Clubb Vice Chair 5/16/2016  
Barry Watson Member 5/16/2016  
Chad Witherspoon Member 5/16/2016  
Chris Schlaud Member 5/16/2016  
John Campbell Member 6/13/2016  
*Charles Dudley Secretary N/A  

*denotes non-voting member

CDC (4B) Members

City of Iowa Park Community Development (4B) Corporation
Officer Office Term Ends
Dolores Hamilton President 3/14/2020
Arlene Eaton Vice President 3/14/2020
Deborah Klein Director 1/14/2021
Carey Waters Director 3/14/2020
Jeff Watts Director 3/14/2020
Randy Catlin Director 3/14/2020
Raymond Forsythe Director 3/14/2020
*Janice Newman Secretary N/A
*Becky Ferguson Treasurer N/A
* denotes non-voting member

EDC (4A) Members

City of Iowa Park Economic Development (4A) Corporation
Officer Office Term Ends
Max Henderson President 10/01/2020
Mike Price Vice President 10/01/2020
Jeff Rhoades Director 5/16/2022
Jonathan Clubb Director 5/01/2024
Glena Via Director 5/16/2022
*Jerry Flemming Secretary N/A
*Becky Ferguson Treasurer N/A

*denotes non-voting member