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Animals Available for Adoption

Please contact Animal Control for more information. (940)592-2181. Please click on the links below to see the animals available for adoption. If there are animals listed under Urgent, so please consider them first.

Animals listed below are in URGENT need of adoption, please consider them first:

Animal Trapping Guidelines

City traps can be loaned to citizens with a signed rental agreement form and a $25 deposit; refundable when trap is returned (clean & undamaged)

City traps are only available for trapping feral cats, raccoons and skunks.

City traps are only to be set Monday and Wednesday. They must be checked every morning, and ACO notified immediately if an animals has been trapped. Traps must be returned by Noon on Friday.

City traps will have the IPPD identification plaque attached to them.

Traps are to be baited and set by the user at their location.

Citizens may use their own humane traps but they are responsible for notifying ACO when they have caught a cat, raccoon or skunk.

ACO will not pick up a trap with anything other than a cat (or other domestic pet), raccoon or skunk in it.

ACO will not relocate wildlife, other than raccoons and skunks. Anything else will be released from the trap, where it is. The citizen may relocate the wildlife if they choose and then reset the trap.

Trapping is not allowed by anyone when the actual temperature or wind chill is below 40 degrees ; the actual temperature or heat index is above 90 degrees; or during rain or severe weather.