Children Must Be Accompanied by Patron 16+ at Pool

Please remember, ALL children, 11 years of age and younger, at the Iowa Park Municipal Swimming Pool & Spray Park, MUST be accompanied and supervised by a responsible patron sixteen (16) years old or older.  Parents and/or guardians, NOT the lifeguards, are responsible for the behavior of their children.  The lifeguards are trained, and certified, to recognize and address potential safety hazards required to keep the public facility open and in operation.  If a lifeguard observes a patron struggling in the water, the lifeguard MUST require the patron to use a floatation device or to leave the pool, even if the parent or guardian believes the child is capable of swimming unaccompanied. Arguments with lifeguards are prohibited.  Rules and regulations may certainly be discussed with the Pool Manager and/or Parks & Recreation Director.  When everyone observes the rules and regulations, the public facility is suitable for safe, healthy, and fun-filled family recreation.