city council - faqs

How often does the City Council meet?

The Iowa Park City Council normally meets twice a month on the second and fourth Mondays in the Council Chambers located at 103 East Cash Street at 7:00 p.m. The Council however; does have the authority to call special sessions of the governing body as is the case when the City conducts budget workshops or public hearings.

Are Council agendas posted for public viewing?

Yes, the Texas Open Meetings Act requires municipalities to post an official agenda at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the start of any meeting of the Council, the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Board of Adjustment, both the Economic and Community Development Corporations’ Board of Directors or any other boards, commissions, committees and/or task forces appointed by the Council. These agendas are posted on the outside door of the Council Chambers, just inside City Hall on its bulletin board and on the City’s webpage located at

Is the general public allowed to address the governing body at a Council meeting?

Yes, there is a “Citizens’ Input” session posted on each agenda for the City Council. This session allows individuals to approach and address the Council concerning topics that may or may not be on said agenda however; citizens must understand that the Council is prohibited from addressing any comments made by citizens during the session. The Texas Open Meetings Act requires that any and all topics to be discussed by a member or members of the Council must be posted on the official agenda at least seventy-two hours prior to the start of the meeting. The Mayor or Council may allow for input from citizens on issues and topics posted on the agenda prior to a vote on said issue or topic however; audience participation in the discussion of agenda topics outside the Citizens’ Input session is not mandated by state or local law. The Council also requires those individuals desiring to approach the Council during the Citizens’ Input session to signup prior to the start of the meeting with the meeting’s registrar.

Besides the City Council, what other public meetings does the City conduct?

The City has both a Planning and Zoning Commission and a Board of Adjustment to assist the Council with development issues within the corporate city limits. In addition to these two groups, the Council provides oversight for the Board of Directors for the Iowa Park Economic Development (4A) Corporation as well as the Board of Directors of the Iowa Park Community Development (4B) Corporation. The City has a Christmas Lights Task Force Committee that works to improve and enhance the community’s seasonal lighting projects and programs and an Alliance for Youth task force and subcommittees to improve the quality of life and outcomes for the community’s youth and children.

Do I have a specified Councilor that serves the district I live within?

No; while Council members are elected by “Place”, they serve no specific district or area of the City. Individuals who desire to run for the office of Councilor may choose any of the five (5) Places on which to file and all five Councilors and the Mayor serve and represent every citizen within the City.

Are there pre-requisites to becoming a Councilor for the City?

Yes, the City’s home rule charter specifies the requirements that must be met before an individual of the City may run for the office of Councilor. A copy of the City’s home rule charter as well as these requirements can be found under the City Administration link on this website.

How can an individual be appointed to serve on one of the City’s boards or commissions?

If you are interested in serving the Council and City on one of its boards, commissions or task forces, please contact a member of the City Council or the City Manager. Many times one of these groups runs shorthanded in commissioners, board members, directors or committee members and finding interested and qualified individuals to serve these groups can be quite tedious.

Are councilors, board members, commissioners, directors and committee members compensated for serving their respective organization?

No; the City’s home rule charter does not allow Councilors or other individuals serving on City boards, task forces, committees or commissions to be compensated except that the City Council and Mayor may be compensated for reasonable expenses incurred by the performance of their duties.

Are councilors, board members, commissioners, directors and committee members regulated in how they govern the affairs of the City?

Yes; the City has adopted and approved a Code of Ethics policy to which each councilor, director, board member, commissioner, committee member and employee of the City must adhere and abide with. A copy of the City’s Code of Ethics policy can be found under the City Administration link on this website.